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Want to improve your Facebook Ad performance and engagement? Have you tried using emojis? Emojis have been found to increase conversion rates by up to 50% if used correctly. The trouble is, many businesses don’t know how to use emojis effectively in their ads. Here are some things you should consider to effectively use emojis in your Facebook Ad campaigns. 

7 Things To Consider When Using Emojis In Facebook Ads

Are emojis right for your brand?

One of the biggest things to consider before you use emojis in your Facebook Ads, is do they suit your brand? Every brand should have it’s on consistent voice, style and messaging, and you don’t want to contradict this by using emojis. For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, a service that requires a more serious and sensitive tone, it’s unlikely that you’re going to use emojis in your ads. In fact, you may offend your audience and you will create conflicting brand messaging. However, if you’re a fun and funky clothing brand, emojis may be par for the course. Point is, don’t get swept away by the idea of using emojis in your ads if they don’t fit.

Are emojis right for the product you’re selling?

If you’ve determined that emojis are right for your business’s unique voice, or at least fit in certain circumstances, it’s important to consider if they fit the product. If you’re selling shoes, you’re not going to have emojis of jewellery. It just doesn’t fit. Alternatively, if you sell a variety of products, some aimed at everyday consumers, and other’s aimed at businesses, it may not be appropriate to use emojis for targeting your business customers. Whatever the case, make sure your emojis fit the product, not just the brand. 

Are you using emojis that fit the ad message?

Emojis fit your brand, they fit your product, but do they fit your message? As many authors have said, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” You may advertise the same product in several different ways, and emojis may not suit each application. For example, if your new ad has a more serious tone, emojis may not be appropriate. Alternatively, you may have to use different emojis for different Facebook Ads. Make sure you’re only using emojis that fit the situation. 

Use split testing to master your emojis

The challenge using emojis is knowing which ones will work best if they work at all. Whether you’re using emojis in you Facebook ads for the first time, or you’re testing a new creative, running split testing on your ads is a great way to avoid wasting money on emojis. Split testing will allow you to compare using emojis and not using emojis, as well as testing different emojis. That way you can find the most effective use of emojis for your ad, and if you should be using them at all. 

Don’t overdo it with emojis

When it comes to emojis, less is generally more. Like regular organic Facebook posts, you don’t want to overload your ads with emojis. Use them were appropriate, not every time the opportunity presents itself. Using too many emojis makes the ad difficult to read, and just unpleasant to look at. 

Use emojis to be more human

The joy of using emojis is they make your brand more likeable and human to your audience. People get sick and tired of being sold to by brands, but emojis make a brand more relatable, fun and authentic to the audience. It also helps the ad posts blend into the Facebook Feed and look more organic. People would much rather see what they perceive is an organic post. So, emojis are a great tool to get your audience connecting with your ads.

Check the meaning of emojis to avoid using the wrong one

The trouble with using emojis in your ads is they have a multitude of meanings. Throwing a random emojis onto your ads could get you in trouble if it means something different to what you think it means. A common one is mistaking the crying-laugh face with the sad crying face. To avoid using the wrong tone, there are websites like Emojipedia, that can help you learn what emojis mean. That way, you can avoid sending the wrong message, or worse. 


Now that you know what to look out for when using emojis in Facebook Ads, give it a try. These tips should help you use emojis to their fullest. However, if you’re still not sure about how to run your online ads, contact SBIM today. We can help you build the business of your dreams with effective marketing. Click here to book a call or call 1300 781 609 now. 

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