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We bet you hear this all the time, but how you position your brand determines your business success.

So, if you’re totally and completely happy and content with how successful your business is, let us ask you this:

Why are you still marketing your business?

We’ll tell you why! Because while your business might be successful, it’s not as successful as it could be.

brand position - are you missing the target?

The fact of the matter is: Good Brand positioning can and does increase your ability to increase the number of highly profitable customers.

In order for you to decide if your brand is optimally positioned, we have created a quick exercise designed to help you better understand where your business fits in terms of the market and what your target audience thinks about you!

** Warning** This exercise is only for businesses that want to make more profit and have a bigger impact… is that you?

Where is your brand positioned in the market?

Using our template (click the download at the top of the page), we’re going to map your business under one of three categories of business: Health, Wealth or Relationships.

“But we just make pizzas!”, we hear you cry.

Just trust us: there’s a method to the madness – and it works.

Start in the innermost circle and move out from the centre. This circle is your business, right now. Work towards the outside of the circle, using each ring as a more broad description of how your organisation serves customers.

The outermost circle is one of the three Categories of Business (Health, Wealth or Relationships).

Everything in between is how the customer views what you do.

Grab a slice of this!

Okay, Pizza-Man, let’s map the SBIM Slicery – a fictional pizza place that serves the best pizza in Brisbane!

SBIM Brand position and perspective mapping exercise

1. SBIM Slicery
2. Is a Pizza Restaurant
3. Is an option for Dinner
4. Offers Food
5. Food is a great option for Social Outings
6. Builds relationships

So what is the purpose of this? It is the First Step in understanding both who our competitors truly are in the marketplace and giving businesses a better understanding of who we are and why it matters to people.

Would you have thought the SBIM Slicery falls under the category of building relationships?

Maybe not, BUT isn’t the idea of “building relationships” a much more powerful marketing approach than ‘oh, we make pizza’?

So give it a go. See if you can change your perspective!

Get in touch with our team at SBIM and see what we can do to help you better understand what’s happening in your market and reach your target market.

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